Schedule for Obama’s Visit: Nov 5-9, 2010

Schedule for Obama’s India Visit: Nov 5-9, 2010

Friday, Nov 5:

Depart for India

Saturday, Nov 6:
  1. President’s statement at the Taj Hotel, Mumbai where he’s staying, to commemorate the Mumbai terror attacks.
2. Visit to Gandhi Museum.
3. Business summit organized by the U.S.-India Business Council.

  1. Roundtable with entrepreneurs.
  2. Roundtable with some U.S. CEOs where they’ll be able to discuss the challenges and opportunities around doing business in India.
  3. The President will deliver a speech to the business summit.
Sunday, Nov 7:
  1. Visit a local school in Mumbai.
2. Participate in Diwali celebrations.
3. Town hall meeting with university students. On the margins of that town hall, three will be a couple of roundtables that focus on particular areas of partnership that the U.S. and India are pursuing. One is on agriculture and food security.
4. Travel to New Delhi.
5. Visit Humayan’s tomb.
6. Private dinner with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh along with Michelle Obama and Mrs. Singh
Monday, Nov 8:
  1. Wreath-laying at Mahatma Gandhi’s grave.
2. Bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Singh. Press conference after that bilateral meeting.
3. Meetings with other Indian officials. (Specifics not available)
4. Address the Indian Parliament in the afternoon.
5. State Dinner
Tuesday, Nov 9:
  Leave for Jakarta.

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