USINPAC Demands Apology from Jay Leno for Remarks about the Golden Temple in India

Respecting religious sentiments is not political correctness but human correctness


January 24, Washington D.C.: The U.S. India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) condemns the remarks by U.S. TV host Jay Leno about the holy Golden Temple. In his latest episode, “The Tonight Show”, Mr. Leno had made a joke on the holiest shrine for Sikhs, by saying that it was a summer home for wealthy presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


Expressing regret at the comments, USINPAC Chairman Mr. Sanjay Puri said, “Humor is a very important aspect of our society, but sensitivity to all religions is part of our national fabric. Standing up for religious sentiments of a community is not political correctness but human correctness. Golden Temple is the holiest shrine for Sikhs and jokes about it are very offensive to the Sikh community.”


It may be noted that earlier Kentucky gubernatorial candidate David Williams had also made similar comments about Governor Steve Beshear’s participation in a Hindu groundbreaking ceremony.


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