Startup America

President Obama has announced the launch of the ‘Startup America’ initiative to boost high-growth entrepreneurship throughout the country. This initative aims to “encourage private sector investment in job-creating startups and small firms, accelerate research, and address barriers to success for entrepreneurs and small businesses.”

The program will work to:

* “Expand access to capital for high-growth startups throughout the country;
* Expand entrepreneurship education and mentorship programs that empower more Americans not just to get a job, but to create jobs;
* Strengthen commercialization of the about $148 billion in annual federally-funded research and development, which can generate innovative startups and entirely new industries;
* Identify and remove unnecessary barriers to high-growth startups; and
* Expand collaborations between large companies and startups.”

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The Indian-American community is entrepreneurial and has been greatly involved in startups. E.g. more than 15% of Silicon Valley start-up firms are owned by Indian-Americans.

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