USINPAC PRESENTS AMERICA VOTES 2020 OPEN HOUSE HANGOUT HOUR- Saw or missed the only vice presidential debate, between Pence-Harris?


Washington, D.C.: 

USINPAC is hosting a series of virtual panels during this election season. AMERICAN VOTES 2020 is an informative and interactive discussion regarding the impacts of the upcoming elections. On October 8th, 2020 we held “The Panel Hour” where our political connoisseurs expressed their thoughts and reacted to the lone vice-presidential debate. They also detailed both presidential campaign’s efforts at the local level, and what results we could anticipate on election day. Panelists included:

Councilman Steve Rao is the At Large Member of the Town Council in Morrisville, NC.  Mr. Adi Sathi is a well-known Republican strategist and public policy professional from Michigan. Mr. Sam Shim is the Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party. Mr. Barry Mehta is a USINPAC Chapter head and a leader of the Indian American community from Maryland. Ms. Dolly Kapoor, from California, is a successful marketing and public relations professional with a focus on the intersection of US and India markets. 

Councilman Steve Rao mentioned “For anyone watching this debate, to have an Indian American woman be Presidential, is a game changing event for all of us in the community. Sen. Harris won a little bit more when it came her Covid response questions and she did a better job at painting the picture of why Joe Biden should be leading this country.”

Adi Sathi brought up “many different countries are looking to our Covid response here in the United States. President Trump’s main stance is that we need to open up safely and smartly and with the leadership of our President and Vice President we should be confident that a vaccine should be on its way very soon.”

The Panel Hour was broadcasted live on USINPAC’s Facebook Page. The full discussion is now available on Additional panels in our series can also be found on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

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