House Democratic Caucus launches task forces for a ‘Better Deal’


Indian American Congressman Krishnamoorthi to lead the one on economy 


Washington, DC: With an eye on winning back the majority, Chairman Joe Crowley of the Democratic Caucus announced Thursday, several task forces to work on legislative proposals, that would set the template for a ‘Better Deal’ for the party. The task forces will propose actual legislation, setting a positive working agenda for House and Senate Democrats.  Younger and mid-level democrats with fresh ideas found themselves in position of power with Indian American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi leading the task force on the new economy. Krishnamoorthi, a strong proponent of skill based employment, wants the party to move away from its ‘elitist’ leanings.

“Congressman Krishnamoorthi understands just how important it is to take a proactive and aggressive approach to jobs and our economy, and I’m grateful for his leadership in this important endeavor,” said House Democratic Caucus Chairman Crowley.


In a press release, Chicago-based Krishnamoorthi said, “I am honored to take a leading role in crafting our job-focused agenda for the new economy. Fundamentally, building the economy of the future means ensuring that out workers have the in-demand skills they need to thrive and that businesses have the advanced infrastructure they need to grow. On the New Economy Task Force, I look forward to working with my colleagues to accomplish both these goals.


The Democratic caucus’ task forces will work on understanding the needs of the middle-class voters and design an agenda for job growth, focused on High Tech, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, and ensuring workers are trained for the jobs of tomorrow. “We’re going to do a diagnostic work-up to look at this future economy and what we need to do and what the needs are, so that we can fix this once and for all,” said California Congressman Raul Ruiz.


Sanjay Puri, Chairman, US India Political Action Committee, said, “USINPAC congratulates Congressman Krishnamoorthi on leading the new economy task force. I am confident that as a pioneer in solar industry, Congressman Krishnamoorthi will bring expertise and provide solutions in bridging the gaps in high-tech manufacturing and the labor force.  Americans need jobs of the future, good paying jobs, to build a mid-level to high skilled task force, here in our country.” 




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