Cowboys and Indians: Congress Considers Making Delhi Its Military Partner

The US legislature is in the process of considering a closer defense relationship with India, in a move to place the democratic nation of 1.25 billion at par with its NATO allies. The US-India Defense Cooperation Act has been introduced in the US Senate and awaits congressional ratification.

NEW DELHI (Sputnik) — Two US senators, Mark Warner and John Coryn, have introduced the US-India Defense Technology and Partnership Act, which will elevate the status of the India-US defense relationship, putting it at par with America’s closest allies, if Congress approves.


While introducing the bill, Senator Mark Warner said: This bill supports strengthening our bilateral relationship, particularly in defense, and bestows upon India the status it deserves as a partner in promoting security in Asia and around the world.”


The legislation has been sent to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for review.


If Congress ratifies the US-India Defense Technology and Partnership Act, India and the US can collaborate and work on missions that are of mutual interest such as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, counter-piracy and maritime domain awareness.


“If Congress passes the legislation, then US-India military collaboration would be like that of the US-UK and US-Japan. It will benefit India as after that, there would be less Export Control on India regarding technology, especially dual use technology. The introduction of the legislation in the US Senate expresses the desire and stance of Congress, and the main issue is how far India agrees to that. The US Congress wants India as its military partner, but unless India agrees and signs some agreement, the introduction of the legislation hardly matters,” Robinder Sachdev, Director, India Affairs of US-India Political Action Committee told Sputnik.


Source: Sputnik

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