Washington, July 16, 2014: Today, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs) Hearing reviewed ways to jump start US-India bilateral relations.  USINPAC activists who are spear-heading the organization’s grassroots campaign to schedule a Joint Session of Congress by Indian Prime Minister Modi are pleased with the discussions at today’s Hearing.   

At USINPAC’s request, a House Foreign Affairs Committee (Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific) Hearing on the same subject matter is scheduled for July 31, 2014. USINPAC has provided extensive briefings to each of the Senate and House Committees, including a list of subject matter experts who can testify on US-India trade and security relations.  

At USINPAC’s request, the House of Representative is circulating A “Dear Colleague Letter” initiated by Congressman Brad Sherman supporting the issuance of an invitation to Indian Prime Minister Modi to address a Joint Session of Congress during his September visit to the United States.   Also, at USINPAC’s request, a number of Congressmen have contacted Speaker Boehner directly supporting a Modi address to a Joint Session of Congress.

At USINPAC’s request, a significant Senate Resolution is under review by the Senate Caucus on India and Indian Americans resolving that Prime Minister Narendra Modi be able to address the United States Congress at the earliest opportunity.  Since scheduling a Joint Session Address is the jurisdiction of John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representative, Senators reaching out to the Speaker with such a request would be the first such request in the history of the United States Senate.


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