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1. What is a Political Action Committee ?

2. Why do Indian-Americans need a PAC ?

3. Why bipartisan ?

4. What does USINPAC do ?
5. How does USINPAC differ from other PACs ?

6. Do Indian-Americans have other PACs ?

7. What are the benefits of USINPAC ?

8. There are a lot of Indian-American organizations, so why USINPAC ?

9. What was USINPAC's role in the US-India nuclear deal ?

10. Where can I get statistical information about Indian-Americans ?
11. What issues does USINPAC work on ?

12. How can I be a part of USINPAC ?

13. How can I contribute to USINPAC blogs and forums ?

14. Can I initiate a petition ?

15. What kind of events does USINPAC organize ?

16. Where can I find information about my Representative ?

17. I am a student. How can I participate in USINPAC ?

18. What does a State Chapter do ?

19. What does a Campus Chapter do ?

20. I'm already politically active, so why should I support USINPAC ?
21. Is there a minimum suggested amount that must be contributed to participate in USINPAC ?

22. Is my contribution tax deductable ?

23. Why shouldn't a USINPAC member just directly contribute to a candidate, rather than via the USINPAC ?

24. I'm just not interested in politics, why should I contribute ?

25. How is USINPAC administered ?
26. How are funds collected by the USINPAC distributed ?
27. How will I know what the USINPAC is doing with the PAC collected funds ?
28. Will the USINPAC Executive Committee accept suggestions from contributors about which candidates to support ?

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