President Trump Announces New Immigration Plan

Washington DC: President Trump announced a new immigration plan that he says would “transform” America’s immigration system. The plan would move the nation from a system that favors family ties to one that focuses on highly-skilled workers.

According to Administration officials, about 66 percent of immigrants are admitted to the US based on family ties. Trump’s plan would flip the narrative and encourage a greater percentage with bachelor’s degrees, or higher levels of education or vocation, to come to the US. Trump said that spouses and children would still go to the front of the line but not extended family members.

At the White House, President Trump said, “We discriminate against genius. We discriminate against brilliance. We won’t anymore once we get this passed, and we hope to get it passed as soon as possible.”

The proposal faces an uphill battle and some Democrats have already called the plan dead on arrival. Republicans also do not seem inclined to come together.

“It is highly unlikely that Congress will pass this or any other immigration proposal in the near future,” Sanjay Puri, President of USINPAC, said. “However, it is important for lawmakers from both parties to create a fairer process for immigrants. There’s a serious problem in this country when it comes to immigration, and Indians and Indian American families are also being affected and penalized. This is why USINPAC continues to urge dialogue and comprehensive reform that respects everyone.”

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