USINPAC Demands Immediate Apology from Sen. David Williams (R-KY) for his Disparaging Remarks Against Hindus

Source: Yahoo News, Digital Journal


David Williams criticized Gov. Beshear for participating in a Hindu ground breaking ceremony to mark the inauguration of a packaging plant that would bring in $180 investment to Kentucky.

Washington DC (PRWEB) November 04, 2011
The U.S. India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) strongly condemns the disparaging remarks by Kentucky gubernatorial candidate David Williams about Governor Steve Beshear’s participation in a Hindu groundbreaking ceremony. Gov. Beshear was participating in a ceremony to mark the opening of a new flexible packaging plant designed to bring $180 million in investment and 250 jobs to Kentucky.

Expressing regret at the remarks, USINPAC Chairman Sanjay Puri said, “It is unfortunate that instead of appreciating the large number of jobs and investment the plant will bring to Kentucky, candidate David William choose to display such intolerance and disrespect towards the religious sentiments of the Indian-American community. The voters in Kentucky are a diverse and tolerant community, and candidate William is misguided to assume that such desperate remarks would bring him more votes.” According to the 2011 Census Kentucky is home to 12,501 Indian-Americans.

David Williams said that Gov. Beshear’s actions were tantamount to “idolatry.” He further said that as a Christian, he would not participate in Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu prayers, and hoped Hindus would open their eyes and “receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior.” On behalf of the 2.7 million strong Indian-American community, USINPAC demands an immediate apology from David Williams.

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