July 12, 2007

Mr. Donald E. Wildmon
American Family Association
P.O. Drawer 2440
Tulepo, MS 38803

Dear Mr. Wildmon:

We are dismayed by the position that your organization, American Family Association, has taken regarding a prayer offered by Hindu chaplain Rajan Zed before the United States Senate. United States India Political Action Committee believes in religious tolerance and diversity as a founding principle of our democracy. The constitution assures every single citizen should have the right of religious freedom and we support that notion.

It is our hope and goal that we can open up this dialogue because we were dismayed to see the communication made to your members that was blatantly offensive and factually erroneous. As a United States organization representing the Indian American community, which includes diverse groups from various religious backgrounds, we hope that you will make efforts to bring people together.

Sanjay Puri



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