Manchester, NH - US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) continued its involvement in the presidential election race by attending the Republican Senate Victory PAC Reception on June 28th, which supported GOP candidates in the state of New Hampshire. The event highlighted several state senators and featured GOP Presidential Hopeful Senator Fred Thompson.

The Senator, who hasn't officially announced his bid for the Presidency, spoke to USINPAC Future Leaders Council leader Varun Mehta, and conversed about his appreciation of the work USINPAC continues to do in the political arena for the Indian American community. Senator Thompson was the keynote of the event which consisted of over 200 attendees. He discussed the various problems with the war in Iraq, health care along with his vision for the future of America

USINPAC literature floated around the historic Bedford Convention Center, as GOP members at all levels expressed their enthusiasm and interest for having USINPAC NH attend the event, as well as the support they have received from the Indian American community in New Hampshire. This is just one of the many events USINPAC NH has conducted. June 6th, USINPAC Members and Leaders attended the NH GOP Presidential Gala and had important conversations with Presidential Candidates Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Tommy Thompson, and Congressman Duncan Hunter.

NH GOP Chair Fergus Cullen stated, "Immigration is something that makes American unique among nations. As our country has a conversation about immigration, it is important for us to keep in mind that immigration has served America well for centuries as the world’s hard working and ambitious have sought to come to a place where they could achieve and prosper on their merits, and America must remain so. The Indian-American community knows this well through their experience, and their presence in our communities is evidence that that America is still viewed as the land of opportunity."

USINPAC NH has expressed support to all Presidential Candidates offering forums for house meetings and campaign volunteers

For more information on USINPAC's work in NH or USINPAC in general visit
www.usinpac.com or email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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