Come invest in India as N-Liability Bill safe regime: Jaitley

Come invest in India as N-Liability Bill safe regime: Jaitley


Source: IBN News

By Lalit K Jha


Washington, Jun 23 (PTI) BJP leader Arun Jaitley has asked American businesses to invest in India’s nuclear sector without any apprehension over the Nuclear Liability Bill as it is “a fairly safe regime”.”It is a fairly safe regime to invest in,” Jaitley said at the prestigious Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based think-tank.

Responding to questions, Jaitley said the U.S. and its companies should not have any apprehension over the nuclear bill as it was eventually passed by Parliament through a much wider consensus.He asked American firms to take advantage of the opportunity and invest in India.

Many U.S. companies earlier have expressed apprehension over the Bill that gives the operator the right to recourse and impose liability on the suppliers in case of a nuclear mishap.In his address at the think-tank yesterday, Jaitley said over the last decade ties between India and the U.S. have evolved as a “strategic partnership” and carry bipartisan support in both the countries.

The Opposition Leader in Rajya Sabha, who is on a visit to Washington, said there was convergence of assessment of the situation in Afghanistan, and now also in Pakistan, between the two countries.

However, he noted that there will continue to be areas of differences between the two nations.”We will not always have similar views on all aspect, but India U.S. relationship itself has become a global reality,” he said.

Referring to the drawdown of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, Jaitley said there is concern in India over political stability and peace in the war-torn country when the U.S. pulls out.

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