Vision and Mission

About USINPAC: Our Mission

USINPAC’s mission is to impact policy on issues of concern to the Indian American community in the U.S.
USINPAC provides bipartisan support to candidates for federal, state and local office who support the issues that are important to the Indian American community. These issues include:
  • U.S. – India Relations: Strengthen U.S. – India bilateral relations in defense, trade, and business.
  • Immigration: Promote a fair and balanced policy on immigration.
  • Indian American Candidates: Provide financial and political support to deserving Indian-American candidates.
  • Anti Hate-Crime Measures: Ensure protection from hate crimes.
  • Equal Opportunity: Advocacy for appointments of Indian-Americans in the Executive and Judicial branches of the Government.
  • Civil Rights: Ensure equal protection under the law.
  • Entrepreneurship and Business: Advocacy for issues that impact the Indian-American community such as Small business issues.


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