Testimonials - USINPAC

It was great to attend the reception hosted by USINPAC. I commend them for their consistent efforts supportive to Indian American issues. Thank you for inviting me, and I look forward to future USINPAC events.
Dilip Paliath
I am impressed to see the level of effort, activity and dedication of USINPAC toward the core issues of the Indian American community.
Ravi Bhatia
It was a great experience volunteering at an USINPAC event. The room was filled with Indian-American members from many walks of life and U.S. Congressmen from both sides of the aisle. It was an amazing gathering of people who showed genuine warmth and regard for each other as they celebrated a job well done. Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer!
Washington DC
The few days in Bangalore have opened my eyes to the opportunity that India has. The meetings lined up for the delegates were excellent but the delegates and the interaction is what really made the trip!.
Viraj Gandhi
CEO, Paradyme Management
Was excellent! Loved the interactions-(social) as well.
Himanshu Shukla
Managing Director, Antarctica Group, Inc
The meetings were great and the business leaders we met gave awesome input and were very helpful. It was very well organized and the most important element is that I liked the staff. They were too good, helpful and they love what they are doing and it shows!
Vini Singh
Interactive format at the delegation was very helpful, since it allowed for a broad range of questions. I liked the meetings with a) U.S. Embassy b) Kapil Sibal, c) Rajnath Singh d) Dr Ashwini Kumar and e) Mr Kamal Nath. Got a broad feel for the issues and nuances pervading their fields of expertise!
Kanchana Dhamodaran
Mostly very engaging discussions! People were open & frank in expressing opinions. I enjoyed the meetings with Bhupinder Singh Hooda who shared with us the deeper value of the business face of Haryana Government and with BJP President Rajnath Singh who shared the view of opposition on nuclear treaty
Inderpal Singh Mumick
CEO, Kirusa
Very Good! The Delhi trip certainly exceeded my expectation. It is a pleasure to be a part of USINPAC. We were able to interact with the senior Ministers and get a first hand view on various topics of politics, trade, policies, business etc. I met new Business Association and friends. I appreciate all the effort on organizing this delegation and helping us. Connect. I also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this such a successful event
Amarlal Nichani
Vice President, NITEO Partners, an NEC Company
I was part of USINPAC delegation to India in January 2008. I am impressed by their organization and professionalism. They have created a huge platform to connect business and political leaders from India and the US. I chose to be part of the delegation because of the opportunity to meet with top business leaders. They informed me of the schedule well in advance, answered all my queries before and during the delegation. All meetings occurred as planned. The transportation to all venues was very nice and comfortable. I will always cherish meeting with Infosys founder and India's pride Mr. Narayana Murthy. Thirty minutes with Mr. Murthy taught me what otherwise takes years to learn. Thank you USINPAC!
Mahesh Lawani
Founder & CEO, CCube



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