The mission of the TRA project is to facilitate dialogue and initiate specific actions that enhance bilateral trade between the US and India in the short term. Within the TRA we will identify key “gaps” and opportunities that will enable business development and mutual understandings between decision makers in the USA and India.

At TRA we have a three-pronged strategy toward our stated mission: Facilitate Business Development, Engage in Capitol Hill Outreach and Embody Thought Leadership. Our current planned schedule for the objectives is listed below. Our Thought Leadership activities will entail a “getting to know the new players” approach. Opportunities are evolving and TRA remains flexible enough to leverage productive directions as we see fit
Business Development

Capitol Hill Outreach

Trade Delegation in Renewable

July, 2014 Capitol Hill, New Indian
Government Economic Policies on
Energy and Infrastructure

Trade Delegation in Security

September, 2014 Capitol Hill, US-India
Bilateral Issues in Security and Terrorism

US-India Tech Summit

November, 2014 Capitol Hill, New
Indian Government Economic Policies
on Biopharma and Healthcare

The TRA Roundtable

In many ways the United States and India are embarking on a new relationship presented by the convergence of a myriad of events. The TRA Roundtable is an USINPAC industry wide “working group” that can help lead and hence benefit from the opportunities ahead. Our first meeting will be in June of 2014
Donation Request – $5,000