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    India is a critical partner of the United States in all aspects, more particularly in political, economic or security relations. The Indian Americans in US are the most active Asian community and the most highly educated ethnic groups in the U.S.  US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC), the voice of Indian Americans has been working for addressing concerns of the community and as a bi partisan organization has been working continuously for revising and elevating US-India relations.


    Indian-American groups under the aegis of USINPAC had launched a successful campaign to win more lawmakers' support for a move to invite Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address a joint session of US Congress when he visited US in September.  Three former Indian Prime Ministers, Rajiv Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh have all been accorded this honor due to grassroots campaign by USINPAC.   Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a rapturous reception in New York City at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, where he spoke to more than 19,000 people, largely Indian Americans.




  • Indiana Chapter

    The Indian American community in Indiana has always has always been vociferous in voicing its concerns and well being. USINPAC Indiana Chair Mr. Raju Chinthala and Dr. Vinnie Rao have networked extensively with Indian Americans and have successfully addressed a lot of concerns that the community has faced over the years. Having started in 2008, USINPAC Indiana has had close to 40 fundraisers and has been reckoned to be the ultimate voice of Indian Americans in the Indiana community. It has helped to establish relationships with the local government and its elected officials.

                    The USINPAC Indiana Chapter has helped several elected officials, both in Senate and Congressional races address and resolve political issues such as the economy, immigration and geopolitics in the region. The community has always supported the right candidates keeping in mind the bipartisan nature of USINPAC. With that being said, it is USINPAC Indiana’s main mission to play a key role in educating Indian Americans about the political process in the US and to especially help other Indian American candidates get elected into the government of Indiana.

     “USINPAC under Sanjay Puri has held great connections with both the United States and India which has helped both to focus on the economic and educational resources that each have to offer and would like to be a part of USINPAC for years to come.” – Mr. Raju Chinthala, USINPAC IN Chair.

    “USINPAC has been a guiding force of leadership in the region and is committed to support Indiana.” – Dr. Vinnie Rao

    Mr. Chinthala and Dr. Rao believe that both the United States and India have tremendous potential to grow as partners and by working with USINPAC, the state of Indiana also has great potential to be seen as an influential location to make this relationship happen. 

  • New Hampshire Chapter

    The Indian American community in New Hampshire is 30 years young and plays an active and vibrant role throughout the state for professionals such as physicians, entrepreneurs, engineers, educators, and students. From participating in PTO meetings to face-to-face dialogue with elected officials, New Hampshire Indian-Americans have emerged into a politically active community focused on having their voices heard.                          

    The USINPAC New Hampshire Chapter was formed in 2006 and has played a platform to bridge both India and the United States in order to facilitate greater co operation and bilateral ties. The New Hampshire Chapter has made great strides in meeting with candidates from both sides in order to attain a voice in the local government. The New Hampshire Chapter has been active and enrolled in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential primaries as well as in the federal delegation in the state. 

    The Indian American community within New Hampshire has a large amount of educated individuals who have achieved their entrepreneurial goals. Although, the population within the Indian American community is poorly represented in both the state and federal levels of the government, it is the goal of USINPAC’s New Hampshire Chapter to enter those individuals within the Indian American community into the political arena to attain one unified voice within the government for all Indian Americans.

    Former USINPAC New Hampshire Chair Latha Mangipudi's victory in the Democratic primary special elections for New Hampshire State House of Representatives (Nashua, Ward 8, New Hampshire) is a major boost for the Indian-American community in New Hampshire, which is one of the largest minority populations in the state. She states: “USINPAC has been a great platform within New Hampshire, which has helped Indian Americans emerge and give a unified voice to those in the Indian American community.”

  • Pennsylvania Chapter

    The Pennsylvania Chapter of USINPAC was formed to promote and strengthen the USINPAC mission to impact policy on issues of concern to the Indian-American community in the United States. USINPAC PA Chair Dr. Ravi Balu and Mr. Ganesh Mani have been instrumental in leading the change. It is Dr. Balu’s belief that Western Pennsylvania needs to have a bigger presence in local politics, and USINPAC has been the leading voice in setting the road ahead for Indian Americans to do so to have their voices heard in the Pennsylvania community.

    USINPAC has helped the Pennsylvania chapter to approach and get their foot in the door within Pennsylvania’s politics by contacting politicians both running and elected within the state’s government. Keeping USINPAC’s mission in mind, the USINPAC PA chapter has strived to help Indian Americans citizens become elected officials within the local government. They also have helped local businesses of individuals who are of Indian American heritage as well as other ethnicities.


    Some of the goals that the USINPAC PA chapter has set forth are to have a stronger presence within their local government with individuals who can speak for the Indian American community. Being the strongest and more prevalent minority within Pennsylvania after African Americans in Western Pennsylvania, it is the goal of the USINPAC PA chapter to get Indian Americans elected in the local government. On both a national and international level, the USINPAC PA chapter would like to see more effective people in government(s) who is/are “India centric.”


    “USINPAC is a great organization and keeps its focus on its mission of impacting policies concerning the Indian American communities in the United States. This organization has great interaction(s) with the federal government as well as the state government.” – Dr. Ravi Balu, USINPAC PA Chair

  • Arkansas Chapter

    Having started in August of 2012, the USINPAC Arkansas chapter is led by its Chair, Shash Goyal.  This particular chapter of USINPAC was started in order to educate the Indian American people of Arkansas the political process on a state level and to get the Indian American community involved. USINPAC has been active in this particular chapter by advising the Indian American community the importance about their participation in their local government in order to enhance Indian Americans in the state.

    The USINPAC Arkansas chapter has hosted various events and dinners at the Governor’s Mansion, invited both Senators and Congressmen to temples and helped in getting better state representation for the Indian Americans within the state. This particular chapter has also helped 4 individuals become appointed by different boards and committees.

    Some of the goals put in place by the USINPAC Arkansas Chapter on a state level are to get better representation of the Indian American community and the decision-making processes within the government. On a national level, the Arkansas chapter would like to see delegates from the US (especially from Arkansas) to go to India to set up a bilateral relationship with the country.


    “USINPAC is building the road ahead for a better relationship with India and the United States and is helping merge the strength of that bond between the two biggest democracies in the world.” – Shash Goyal, USINPAC AK Chair

  • North Carolina

    The Triangle state of North Carolina is equally vociferous on Indian American issues as well as helping Indo-US relations. Chaired by Dr Prashant Patel, an authority on diabetes and lifestyle diseases, the NC chapter of USINPAC saw them lobby with Congressman George Holding with Road Ahead campaign, which led the Congressmen root for Narendra Modi to hold a joint session of US Congress.


    Dr. Prashant Patel, USINPAC North Carolina, commented: “I have urged support from Congressman George Holding (R-NC) and I know that he has submitted an official request to Speaker John Boehner for Mr. Modi to address a Joint Session of Congress in Washington DC.  We applaud his unwavering leadership on an issue that is at the heart of such a vibrant Indian-American community not only in his home state of North Carolina but across these United States of America."



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