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Candidates Supported by USINPAC

  • Sunil Sabhrawal

    Sunil Sabhrawal

    Quote I truly appreciate the help of USINPAC and its Chair, Mr Sanjay Puri, who have mobilized support across state and constituency lines within the Indian -American community. I am touched by their pro-active engagement, am proud to serve as one of them, and am really looking forward to…

  • Rajiv Dalal

    Rajiv Dalal

    Quote I am running to be the first Indian American ever elected to the California State Assembly. The United States India Political Action Committee advocates for issues that are very important to me–job and small business growth, education, and representation at all levels of government. I am honored to…

  • Raja Krishnamoorthi

    Raja Krishnamoorthi

    Quote Raja Krishnamoorthi, 41, has a unique understanding of the challenges facing the U.S. economy and their implications for families and future workers. Biography Raja Krishnamoorthi, 41, has a unique understanding of the challenges facing the U.S. economy and their implications for families and future workers. With successful experience…

  • Jay Chaudhuri

    Jay Chaudhuri

    Quote Democrat for North Carolina State Senate Biography Jay Chaudhuri Democrat for North Carolina State Senate Senate District 16 Represents the Most Diverse District in the State State Senate District 16 runs from downtown Raleigh to Chatham Square in Cary to Morrisville to Brier Creek.  It encompasses North Carolina…

  • Kishan Putta

    Kishan Putta

    Quote “Our nation’s capitol needs an elected Indian-American! Thanks to USINPAC for their support.” Biography Kishan Putta was elected locally in 2012 and is now the first Indian-American to ever run for high office in our nation’s capital! The DC Council is the equivalent of a State Senate. Kishan…

  • Dr. Sudhanshu Prasad

    Dr. Sudhanshu Prasad

    Quote “The USINPAC is the most effective and respected Indian-American organization in the world. As an Indian-American, I am grateful that such a group exists in the US to advocate on our community’s behalf. I am honored, humbled, and excited to receive support from USINPAC and I know that,…

  • Latha Mangipudi

    Latha Mangipudi

    Quote I thank the Indian American community for their enthusiastic response to my campaign.  I am especially thankful to USINPAC for being a constant supporter of my work in New Hampshire.  It is my sincere desire to successfully serve as a representative in the State Assembly of New Hampshire as a…

  • Tulsi Gabbard

    Tulsi Gabbard

    Quote Tulsi Gabbard serves as a Councilmember on the Honolulu City Council, representing over 100,000 constituents within the urban Honolulu community. Tulsi is Chair of the Safety, Economic Development and Government Affairs Committee, and Vice-Chair of the Budget Committee.Previously elected to the Hawaiʼi State House of Representatives at the…

  • Ashwin Madia

    Ashwin Madia

    Quote It’s a little hard getting started in this business as an Indian-American running in Minnesota for federal office, but the help of USINPAC has assisted me in overcoming many initial obstacles and made this process that much easier. For that, I am very grateful. I hope to continue…

  • Dilip Paliath

    Dilip Paliath

    Quote Biography Dilip Paliath is a partner at law firm in Baltimore. He was the chief counsel in Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention. He got the mandate from the people for legalizing slot machine gambling in Maryland and outlined a plan to pressure local…

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