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“Our nation’s capitol needs an elected Indian-American! Thanks to USINPAC for their support.”


Kishan Putta was elected locally in 2012 and is now the first Indian-American to ever run for high office in our nation’s capital! The DC Council is the equivalent of a State Senate.

Kishan is a former journalist who attended Dartmouth College and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He moved to DC as a health policy reporter and then transitioned to working on health policy in the nonprofit sector, public sector, and private sector, now as a consultant.

Most recently Kishan helped DC successfully implement President Obama’s health care law. He helpedDC Health Link run a citywide campaign to enroll over 50,000 people in health insurance coverage. Many were sick and needed care. Many had never been covered before and had not had a medical checkup in many years. He was proud to be part of this historic national effort, but even prouder to be able to serve the District. Kishan’s journalism experience (LA Times, Inside Washington) taught him to always view issues from all perspectives and to treat all sides fairly in my coverage. That background has been very helpful in getting results through Kishan’s local and city-wide efforts, working with all sides respectfully, even when they disagree. He was elected to the Dupont Circle ANC in 2012 and spends dozens of hours every week trying to improve District policies and services and to get results for residents.

Kishan has collaborated, persisted, and organized successful community efforts (without any staff or budget) to increase affordable early childhood education opportunities, to make our streets safer, to make our precious greenspaces more usable for more groups/purposes, and to improve transportation (buses/bikes) on some of DC’s busiest corridors, and in underserved areas as well…

FUN-FACT: Kishan has co-written two travel guides: “Let’s Go: Chile” and “Let’s Go: India & Nepal”! You can view Kishan’s record and results HERE and please connect with us on Facebook (kishanfordc) &Twitter (@kishanputta) to follow and interact with us

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