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Gaganbir Panjhazari

gaganbir panjhazari


Seeking to be one of the few Indian Americans, to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, and the first from Texas, I am honored to consider USINPAC as a supporter of my campaign. Support from a leading and respected organization such as theirs means a great deal to me and my campaign. Their work has gone a long way to progressions between the United States and India, and I look forward to working with USINPAC once elected.


Gagan Panjhazari has established himself as an entrepreneur, a realtor, and is a licensed member of the Law Society of Upper Canada in Ontario. He has been involved in various initiatives to help improve the global environment by reducing greenhouse gases and promoting energy conservation. His frequent international travels to places such as India and to various nations in South America and Europe have provided him with diverse perspectives of international residents and their views toward the United States. Once elected, Gagan plans to work hard to improve international relations with India and develop various social programs for new immigrants to the United States.Gagan has also often been involved in helping those in need, whether a colleague, client, or friend. He has continuously volunteered at local non-profit organizations such as gurudwaras and mandirs (Sikh and Hindu temples) both locally and internationally. Gagan understands the various hardships and hurdles faced by newcomers and low-income earners in the United States. His long-term plans include developing new methods and approaches geared towards helping such households during times of financial and economic distress.Born in Minnesota and grown up in Toronto, Ontario, Gagan has proven his ability to strive in diverse social environments. Gagan’s grandfather, Raghbir Singh Panjhazari, was an active member of the Congress Party in India from the early 1920s to the late 1990s. He also fought for India’s independence from the British rule. He represented India internationally through organizations such as the United Nations. His involvement and achievements in the political regime in India has motivated Gagan to run for the U.S. Congress.

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