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Dr. Janak Joshi




I am for smaller government, lower taxes, less regulatory burden on small business and my priorities are to help balance Colorado’s checkbook, and then of course, help businesses ‘get back in business’. That is the only way to get out of this economic malaise.”

Dr. Janak Joshi became the first Indian-American legislator of Colorado Springs representing District 14. He is a Republican and is a physician by profession. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1972 with a nephrology fellowship in New York. Then he moved to Colorado Springs and has practiced medicine for 30 years. He also has a Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Healthcare Administration from the University of Northern Colorado. He has widely traveled across the U.S. and 50 other nations such as the former USSR, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and so on, mainly with the objective of studying the healthcare systems in different countries.


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