USINPAC optimistic about collaboration on terrorism and trade

Washington DC Nov 22, 2009. USINPAC welcomes Prime Minister Singh on his State Visit to the US. Sanjay Puri, the chairman of USINPAC said," The first state visit being hosted by President Obama is being viewed with hope and optimism as the two leaders can build on a strong bilateral relationship that is a legacy of the previous administration. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. The global economy requires both countries to collaborate on trade, stimulus and financial reforms. The issue of terrorism and the AFPAK region are also two areas that both countries share a common concern. We sincerely hope that both the leaders will make substantial progress since the world is watching with hope and expectations."

Congressman Mike Honda the Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, in addressing a message to PM Manmohan Singh through USINPAC, said, "As the first official State Visit hosted by President Obama, your visit is a testament to the strong partnership between our two countries; the world's oldest democracy, the United States; and the largest democracy, India. I know that your visit will reaffirm our friendship and spirit of cooperation to tackle our common interests, such as energy and global change."

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida and Ranking Member, House Committee on Foreign Affairs in her message to USINPAC about the PM's visit said that "United States and Indiaare enjoying increasingly warm and close ties." She stated that, "Congress and the Executive branch, on a bipartisan basis, fully support the development of a comprehensive partnership". She further hoped that the PM Manmohan Singh "will share with us his vision of the future he hopes to realize to strengthen the U.S. & India relations".

Various lawmakers have welcomed Dr. Singh's visit. Some of them have provided their messages and statements via USINPAC. Please click here to visit the following link for details and full videos.



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