Washington DC. July 15, 2009.
USINPAC welcomes the appointment of Timothy J. Roemer as USA's Ambassador to India. Mr. Roemer takes over in New Delhi at the beginning of PM Manmohan Singh's second term in office.

Sanjay Puri, the Chairman of the U.S. India Political Action Committee said that "Mr. Roemer's nomination is reassuring as he brings with him quality experience on issues of terrorism as well as national and international security, a subject of great importance in this relationship."

He added that "Mr Roemer's past work in various positions made him a seasoned diplomat and his service as President of the Center for National Policy gave him an extra dimension to operate in India and in South Asia at large". Sanjay Puri stated that the new ambassador will have "an opportunity to build on the work of the past administration and set the tone for a new relationship".

USINPAC wishes the new ambassador a successful tenure and will extend any cooperation that it can.

USINPAC also greets the appointment of Vinai Thummalapally to Belize in Central America. Sanjay Puri said that "we wish Mr.Thummalapally a great success in this appointment."



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