New Delhi, January 26, 2009. The USINPAC leadership had an exclusive meeting with PM Manmohan Singh in New Delhi on January 15 to discuss a wide range of issues and interest in US-India relations especially matters which are close to the heart of Indian American community. 

In this 30 minutes meeting, USINPAC leadership discussed the reaction of Indian American community to the Mumbai terror attacks. It also conveyed to the Prime Minister the role of USINPAC in galvanizing the Indian American community on Capitol Hill and its efforts to inform the public opinion in America about the realities and sources of cross border terrorism in India. PM was also informed of the overwhelming response to the petition that was initiated by USINPAC to impress upon U.S. law makers the dangers that terrorism poses not only to India but to the entire region. 

USINPAC leadership also discussed the launch of its innovative website http://www.washingtonchalo.com it's ongoing efforts in mobilizing the Indian American community; it's out reach efforts with U.S. lawmakers; and its forth coming Washington Chalo program scheduled for 26 and 27 January in Washington DC. 

The Prime Minister appreciated and thanked the various efforts of Indian American community. While updating them on the steps of the Indian Government in the aftermath of the attacks he said "International community needs to work very hard, if need be with the Pakistani Government to eliminate the rogue sources of terror in Pakistan. We appreciate the role and innovative activities of the Indian American community to bring this issue center stage in the US". 

The Prime Minister said that from Gibraltar to the straits of Malacca, India is the largest democracy and global jihad is trying to unsettle this region". In response Robinder Sachdev, senior executive USINPAC said," Indian diaspora worldwide, and in the U.S. should take urgent cognizance of these serious intents of radical elements and work even harder with International community to help bring pragmatic solutions to this scourge". 

Surabhi Garg, senior executive, USINPAC said, "Our annual delegation to India, as per schedule, soon after the Mumbai attacks, served to remind us all of our unwavering commitment to the cause of long term and strategic U.S. India relations". The Prime Minister thanked the delegation and said, "India is on the cusp of dramatic growth not withstanding the current slow down and the Indian economy will be certainly attractive for U.S. and global investors". 

Sanjay Puri, Chairman USINPAC said, "We are engaging actively with the new Congress and the incoming administration of President Barack Obama on a range of issues including the representation of Indian Americans in the administration, and U.S. response to the Mumbai attacks". Mr. Puri further thanks the Prime Minister for his gracious time to meet with the USINPAC leadership



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