New Delhi, India. The US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) expresses renewed support for the US-India nuclear deal, as the possibility arises that the government of India might gather enough domestic support to move forward.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the political debate, a six-member bipartisan Congressional delegation, led by Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-NY-5) who chairs the South Asia Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, arrived in India 

Chairman Ackerman, an advocate of close relations between the United States and India, reaffirmed his support for this "historic accord" and emphasized that this historic opportunity should not be squandered after so much hard work has taken place in both countries. 

By several accounts, India's ruling Congress party has decided to press ahead with the deal despite threats by its left-wing allies to bring down the governing coalition. Confronted by the very real possibility of losing its majority in parliament, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Congress party is aiming to strike a deal with other parties to provide sufficient parliamentary support thus allowing the government to continue its rule. 

"It has been a long journey," says Sanjay Puri, Chairman of USINPAC. "But, in a democracy like India, it is important that the government is able to ensure the long-term sustainability of such a major decision as this by developing and sustaining as broad-based a consensus of support as possible. Though it should be noted that if the government of India does move forward, there is very little time remaining for the agreement to be placed on the Congressional calendar for consideration," said Puri. 

"Nevertheless, as USINPAC has done since the beginning, we will, of course, work closely and fully with Chairman Ackerman and the other members in the U.S. Congress to make this agreement a reality. We firmly believe that this agreement makes not just strategic sense but economic sense for both countries."

The U.S. India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) is the political voice of 2.5 million Indian-Americans. USINPAC provides bipartisan support to candidates for federal, state and local office who support the issues that are important to the Indian-American community. For more information, go to www.usinpac.com.



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