Nashua, NH (July 13, 2007) - In one of their first joint appearances, Senator Clinton and President Clinton took time off the campaign trail to meet privately with members of the U.S. India Political Action Committee. USINPAC speaks for the over 2 million Indian Americans across the United States and has been very active in the early primary state of New Hampshire. Recognizing the importance and growing political involvement of the Indian American community, Senator Clinton discussed a wide range of issues, including the role Indian Americans would have in her administration.

After the meeting, New Hampshire State Representative Jane Clemons (D) commented on the growing political role of Indian Americans, "The Indian American community in New Hampshire is definitely more energized and involved as members of USINPAC-NH this time. I was very impressed meeting USINPAC members. This has been great for state. It is very good to have all the voices heard during this election."

USINPAC-NH Chair Latha Mangipudi and USINPAC Chairman Sanjay Puri attended the private meeting with Senator Clinton. Mr. Puri echoed Representative Clemon's view on the new role of the community, "Indian Americans are very excited about the upcoming Presidential election. We are seeing energy and involvement increasing everyday. It is very significant that our community is so active in a crucial primary state such as New Hampshire. We will see this active participation throughout the primaries and through the general election. As a leading voice for the Indian American Community, USINPAC is heartened that Senator Clinton took time to talk with us."

Ms. Mangipudi comments after the meeting with the Presidential Candidate were, "USINPAC has been a catalyst for organizing the Indian American community in New Hampshire and it also shows the diversity of this state."

Debra Pignatelli, Executive Councilor New Hampshire District 5, summed up the USINPAC meeting with Senator Clinton, "I see positive impact in having a diverse group come together and ask questions to Presidential candidates to move our country in a positive direction, for that matter the world in a positive direction."



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