USINPAC representing more than 2 million Indian Americans nationwide voiced its strong support today towards the successful conclusion of the US-India Civilian Nuclear Energy Pact.

A top grassroots advocacy concern since the 2005 Memorandum of Understanding signed by President Bush and Prime Minister Singh, USINPAC observers closely monitored the meetings underway in Washington this week between National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley and Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns with a high level Indian delegation led by N.K. Narayanan, National Security Advisory to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,.

Sanjay Puri, Chairman of USINPAC, remarked "Indian Americans take a great deal of pride and ownership in the burgeoning US-India trade, where the American exports to India is growing faster than imports from that country." He further pointed out that "the two countries also have converging security interests; a nuclear Iran or a take-over by religious fanatics of an already nuclear Pakistan is a greater threat to India due to the geographical proximity, than to America."

USINPAC's grassroots analysts have found that regardless of whether Indian Americans are registered Republicans or Democrats, the community is united in its desire to see the successful conclusion of the US-India Nuclear Pact. Undersecretary Burns has recently commented that "within a generation Americans may view India as one of our two or three most important strategic partners." USINPAC and the Indian American community that it represents share his sentiments and believe that the both countries should fight hard to conclude the negotiation of this Pact and its subsequent implementation.



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