Rockford, IL - U.S. India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) supporter and president of First Rockford Group, Sunil Puri, held a fundraiser on July 30, 2007 for Senator Barack Obama's presidential run.

A warm-up event was held at the Rockford Radisson Hotel, where Senator Obama's wife, Michelle Obama, was the star attraction as she shook hands and spoke with people in the audience. Mrs. Obama wowed the crowed with her grasp of the issues and her charisma. She discussed many issues including the mobilization of the grassroots by Senator Obama, how Senator Obama understands the concerns and issues of everyday Americans, and how he is dedicated to regaining America's once positive image around the world.

Mr. Puri and Mrs. Obama rushed to Mr. Puri's home for a more intimate affair with around forty high-profile members of the Rockford community. Because Senator and Mrs. Obama are campaigning in early primary and caucus states like New Hampshire and Iowa, it was a monumental feat in getting Mrs. Obama to attend events in a small city more than eighty miles north of Chicago.

Mr. Puri stated, "Senator Obama has shown me that he has the ability and courage to lead this country. He is the candidate who has the intellect and understanding to get the country back on the right track. His campaign has generated so much excitement, and it was great to see such a high turnout of supporters at both events."

USINPAC offers all the leading presidential candidates forums and house meetings as an important way for them to hear from the Indian American community and share their views.



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