January 15, 2010: Washington DC : US-India Political Action Committee today issued a travel advisory warning to Indian Americans planning to visit Australia. USINPAC President Sanjay Puri said "We are appalled by the level of violence against ethnic Indians in Australia which has gotten particularly prevalent over the past few months. It is now clear that there is a pattern of racial attacks against Indians and we caution Indian Americans to take precautions to ensure their safety if travelling to Australia. "

Ethnic Indians, particularly Indian students, have been targeted by Australian youths in what has now become an alarming trend. Such attacks have progressed from robberies to murder. The Government of India has issued its own travel advisory last week to Indian citizens planning to visit Australia and asked Indian citizens to report incidents to Indian diplomatic missions in Australia.

"Australian police have claimed that such attacks are not racially motivated" said Puri, "but we find such statements not only disingenuous but also irresponsible. People should be cautioned if there is a real threat of violence against them and this threat clearly exists for ethnic Indians."

USINPAC National Security Coordinator, Manish Thakur, said "Anti-Indian violence in Australia is not just limited to Indian citizens but is also hitting Australian citizens of Indian descent. This is an issue that clearly affects the larger Indian population. Given this, we believe it is USINPAC's responsibility to warn members of our own Indian American community who may be planning to visit Australia to take appropriate care to protect their safety."

About USINPAC: The U.S.-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) is the political voice of 2.7 million Indian-Americans. USINPAC provides bipartisan support to candidates for federal, state and local office who support the issues that are important to the Indian-American community. For more information, go to http://www.usinpac.com




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