USINPAC Engages with Donald Trump’s Campaign for 2016 Elections

Part of USINPAC Presidential Dialogue Series


Washington, DC: The US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) continued its interactive Presidential Dialogue series with Democratic and Republican Presidential campaigns by hosting a Google hangout, on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016, with the Presidential Campaign of the presumptive Republican nominee Mr. Donald J. Trump, represented by Congressional Coach and Key Trump surrogate, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter (R-CA-50th District).


The Google hangout was chaired by Mr. Vic Chauhan, Co-Chair of DEFTIAC and drew Indian Americans from across the country. Issues that were discussed pertained to US-India Relations, Immigration, Terrorism and the Economy among others.


On a question about the economy, Congressman Hunter, remarked that as a businessman Trump would negotiate with the House and the Senate, and work on common grounds to release a tax reform package.


On the travel ban on Muslims entering the country, Duncan said that Trump favors legal immigration, but calls for a “timeout,” until America can assess the current threat environment. Are they for the US or affiliated with ISIS, Al-Qaeda? “We don’t want sleeper cells here.” On being further pressed, as India has the second largest Muslim population after Indonesia, Duncan said, “Since 9/11 and ISIS, we cannot tell whether Syrians, Iraqis, people from Belgium, France or Germany harbor malicious intent. Let’s allow only law abiding people who mean no harm to America.”


On the issue of immigration, Trump, initially opposed H1B visas but is now amenable towards foreign skilled workers for the US tech industry.


Cong. Hunter expanded on US-India relations under a Trump Presidency? The US will support India to check Pakistan, and help Pakistanis check themselves. “India is a free democracy and America will help India with economic reforms and security.” Trump regards the recent sale of F-16s to Pakistan by the United States, purely as a military to military relationship. Trump has never spoken about military sales.


Regarding his comments regarding women, Duncan said, “Trump is logical, fair to everyone, He is deemed negative in perception only, not in reality”.    


In conclusion, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter said, “Donald Trump and I believe that the best way to help both the economic security and national security of America's allies is for the United States to regain its prominence in the world order. By putting America first and restarting America's economic engine, the United States will be in a much better position both to defend our allies and help them grow their free markets."


Sanjay Puri, Chairman of USINPAC, said, “I thank Congressman Hunter for engaging with us, on issues close to the Indian American community. We will surely revisit Trump’s campaign as his campaign stakes out more policy issues.”


Link to the Trump dialogue series:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t7kZZytOLk



The US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) is the voice of over 3.2 million Indian- Americans and works on issues that concern the community. It supports candidates for local, state and federal office and encourages political participation by the Indian- American community. Visit www.usinpac.com for more details.



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