USINPAC Engages with Gov. Martin O'Malley and Sen. Rand Paul Presidential Campaigns on Behalf of Indian American Community


Part of USINPAC Presidential Dialogue Series

Washington, DC: As the race for the White House enters the season of caucuses and primaries, The US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) has been hosting Presidential Dialogue series with Democratic and Republican Presidential campaigns to discuss issues important to the Indian American community. In its recent engagement, USINPAC hosted a continuous series of videoconferences, on January 19th with the Presidential Campaign of Martin O'Malley, represented by Deputy Campaign Manager Political & Field, Ms. Karine Jean-Pierre, and on Jan 21ST with the Presidential Campaign of Senator Rand Paul, represented by senior advisor, Director of Strategic Programs, Elroy P. Sailor.


Some key excerpts from the dialogue series with O'Malley's campaign are below:


Governor O'Malley is "an avowed friend of India" and looks to India as "an important economic and security ally." The Governor met Indian Prime Minister Modi during his first official trip to Washington DC in September of 2014. He "looks to India as an important economic and security ally" and shares the Prime Minister Modi's philosophy of data driven governance." Governor O'Malley is a "strong pro-immigration candidate" who "believes that the enduring symbol of our nation is the Statute of Liberty, not barbed wire." Governor O'Malley supports President Obama's plan to contain and degrade ISIL. Further, Governor O'Malley wants to build on military strength and strategies with allies including India.


Some key excerpts from the dialogue series with Sen. Rand Paul's campaign are below:


America needs allies and partners, and "India is a key ally in the fight against terrorism." South Asia has a long, complex history, and the US needs to look at the big picture, comprehensively. Sen. Paul "understands India's goals for the region and what areas need focus", including technology transfers, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and laying foundation for future growth, defense procurement for job creation, and bilateral trade." Senator Paul believes "America is strong because of its diversity, and is rich because of our diversity."


Sanjay Puri, Chairman of USINPAC, remarked, "The Presidential Dialogue Series with Martin O'Malley's campaign and Sen. Rand Paul's campaign was very informative. I appreciated listening to their ideas relating to healthcare and immigration. USA, is great but what country are we leaving for our children? Since 2004, USINPAC is advocating and educating Democratic and Republican Presidential Campaigns issues important to the Indian American community".


As a part of the Presidential Dialogue Series, USINPAC will also release whitepapers on each Presidential candidate. USINPAC also facilitates direct interaction by assisting community members to volunteer with their campaigns.


Link to the O'Malley dialogue series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2EFQNDjboA

Link to the Rand Paul dialogue series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6AmUnF9kXw




The US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) is the voice of over 3.2 million Indian- Americans and works on issues that concern the community. It supports candidates for local, state and federal office and encourages political participation by the Indian- American community. Visit www.usinpac.com for more details.



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