Obama Praises Modi in Making Paris Climate Summit a ‘Historic Success’

US and India Team on Historic Summit


Washington, DC:  Three days after 195 countries inked a historic deal to help cap carbon emissions and tackle rising global temperatures US President Barack Obama called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to thank him for India’s critical role in ensuring a successful formulation of a new climate change framework after two weeks of intensive negotiations.

The White house released readout on the telephonic conversation between the two leaders noting ‘the close and strong partnership on a range of issues that are important to both the United States and India.’ Both leaders stressed the ‘importance of implementing the agreement and working together in the future on climate change, including through the Mission Innovation initiative announced in Paris on November 30.’

The Indian Prime Minister’s office tweeted that President Obama had thanked PM Modi for his ‘positive role and leadership in the successful outcome of COP 21.’

The two leaders had met on the eve of the Paris climate summit, and had been in regular communication as the climate conference progressed amidst hard bargaining and negotiations. India had raised concerns about the lack of climate change action on behalf of developed countries and had warned not to ‘bully’ developing nations, concerns echoed by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Under the landmark agreement, countries are legally bound to set emissions targets and review them periodically, and although the objectives are set voluntarily by individual countries they are however not subject to international oversight.


Dr. Vikram Mehta, an authority on US-India water and climate issues commented, “Close cooperation between Pres. Obama and PM Modi succeeded in providing for this Paris pact. And although not a perfect agreement it provides a framework, tools and mechanism to tackle global climate change now and in the future to ensure water, food, energy, and public health securities.”




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