USINPAC Condemns Statements by Ann Coulter

Condemns Offensive and Racist Innuendos Against Immigrants


US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC), the advocacy organization of the Indian American community, today slammed Ann Coulter’s continuing statements disparaging immigrants when she tweeted a comparison of Ms. Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina, with American criminals and terrorists.


Earlier yesterday USINPAC had condemned Ms. Coulter’s remarks on Fox Business Channel (http://politi.co/1GugyTu) when she referred to Gov. Haley as “an immigrant” who does not understand American history while discussing Gov. Haley’s call for the Confederate flag to be taken down at the Statehouse building.


As the condemnation grew over her remarks on Fox, and as she was reminded that Gov. Haley is not an immigrant but was born in America, Ms. Coulter has now taken to Twitter and made a bizarre comparison of Gov. Haley to second generation immigrants in the United States like Major Nidal Hassan (the shooter at Fort Hood), and Anwar al-Awlaki (the U.S. citizen, Islamic militant killed by a drone strike in 2011). https://twitter.com/AnnCoulter


“We are very upset by the comments of Anne Coulter. This is an issue that is of deep concern to the Indian American community evidenced by the large number of calls/emails we have received It seems not content with her earlier offensive remarks she is now following up with innuendos of racism and terrorism against immigrants, and sons and daughters of immigrants. We condemn her statements in the strongest of terms and remind the Republican Party and conservative leaders that they must not give a platform to such damaging voices. We also urge Fox News to take her off the air.” said Sanjay Puri, the Chairman of USINPAC.



The US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) is the voice of over 3.2 million Indian- Americans and works on issues that concern the community. It supports candidates for local, state and federal office and encourages political participation by the Indian- American community. Visit www.usinpac.com for more details.



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