"Governor Haley has done a tremendous work as South Carolinas first female and Indian American Governor and she will surely succeed as the top diplomat at the United Nations," said Sanjay Puri, chairman of the US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC).


USINPAC has been working with the Trump transition team to make sure that qualified Indian Americans have the opportunity to serve in the Trump administration, Puri said.


Last week, USINPAC had hosted Congressman Lou Barletta, and Matt Keelen, a republican strategist and consultant for the Trump campaign, for a google hangout.


In addition to Haley, Keelen said Trump is also considering the former Indian-origin governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal for a position in his administration.


Keelen said Trump understood the importance of US-India ties, as the two nations share the same values, face the same issues with terrorist attacks on their soil.


"Of course Haley fully deserves this honour and Trump honouring her with such a coveted position he has honoured India and Indian Americans in recognising their contributions to their country USA," Shivangi said.


Batra said with the appointment of Haley, Trump declares that America will no longer act insecure and "engage in John Boltonesque war lust or arrogance," and in its place use Charm and Respect as its preferred diplomatic arsenal.


Source- India Today



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