New York : Donald Trump should begin work to kick-starting the economy, enforcing immigration laws and tackling terrorism in Asia, a US-India political action committee has said, as it expressed confidence that the US will have “greater relations” with India under his presidency.

The US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) congratulated Trump on winning the 2016 Presidential race and commended efforts of all Indian-American supporters who canvassed and fund raised for this successful campaign.


USINPAC Indiana Chair and Chair for Asians for Trump- Pence Campaign Raju Chinthala described Trump’s election win as “historical” in American history, saying “he has changed major political system in USA. He will be a great president and will build greater relations with India.”  Assuring the support of Indian-Americans to a Trump administration, USINPAC Chairman Sanjay Puri said Trump “must work on kick starting the economy, tackling ISIS and terrorism in Asia. The Indian-American community congratulates President Trump on such a decisive win and pledges to work with the new administration.


” RNC National Committee woman from California Harmeet Kaur Dhillon said Trump’s “stunning” victory “heralds a new era of opportunity and promise” for all Americans, which will naturally benefit Indian-Americans.


Source- Punjab Express




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