The Republican Presidential nominee Donald J Trump has won the 2016 presidential election and will be the 45th president of the United States. As the results rolled in, the invitation-only gathering, inside the New York Hilton Midtown, broke into a loud cheer. The U.S. India Political Action Committee congratulates President-elect Donald Trump on winning the 2016 Presidential race and commends the efforts of all Indian American supporters who canvassed and fundraised for this successful campaign.


USINPAC worked on informing Indian Americans about the different Presidential Candidates throughout the primaries season and also the post-convention season, to enable them to make an educated choice through Video Conferences with the different campaigns including the Trump Campaign.


RNC National Committeewoman from California (former Vice Chairman of the California Republican Party), Harmeet Kaur Dhillon remarked “President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s stunning victory last night heralds a new era of opportunity and promise for all Americans, which will naturally benefit Indian Americans. As a diverse community with energy and a desire to succeed and excel in this great nation we call home, Indian Americans can expect the new President to focus on lowering regulatory burdens, reducing taxes on individuals and corporations, focusing on jobs and growth for America before other countries, enforce the laws of the United States, including its immigration laws, and keep our nation safe from harm. Too often, in recent years, our leaders have failed to put our country first, and foreign nations have begun to perceive America as weak. Mr. Trump has a history of hiring the best talent, and I fully expect to see many prominent Indian Americans in the new administration.”


As promised on the campaign trail, President Trump’s immediate priorities will be to reverse outgoing President Obama’s executive actions and immediately fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Foreign policy challenges will include eliminating ISIS, renegotiating the NATO treaty, reconfiguring US relations with Russia and the war in Syria and illegal immigration. President Trump now has the mandate to navigate the party to the future with a mix of conservatism and populism.


USINPAC Indiana Chair and Chair for Asians for Trump-Pence Campaign, Raju Chinthala congratulated Donald Trump on winning and said, “Trump win is a historical in US history. He has changed major political system in USA. He will be a great president and will build greater relations with India.”


Congratulating President-elect Trump, USINPAC Chairman Sanjay Puri said, “President Trump must work on kick starting the economy, tackling ISIS and terrorism in Asia. The Indian-American community congratulates President Trump on such a decisive win and pledges to work with the new administration.”


Source- NRI NEWS 24x7



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