MUMBAI: The US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) today congratulated BJP leader and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi over his party's huge victory in the parliamentary polls and termed it as "watershed day" in the country's history.


"On behalf of the Indian American community and friends of India in the United States, USINPAC extends its warm congratulations to Narendra Modi for leading the BJP to a spectacular victory in these historic elections," chairman of the US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) Sanjay Puri said in a satement here. It is even more heartening to note that the BJP will have single party majority in the parliament, it said. 

With over 800 million voters, a number that is more than the entire population of Europe, and a turnout of 66 per cent which is by far a huge turnout in any democracy, today is indeed a watershed in the history of India and the world, the statement added. 

Stating that the people of the country today stand poised to unleash their immense potential for the good of the country and global progress towards peace, no poverty, and good health for all, the Commitee said, "The Indian diasporas and friends of India in the United States and across the world cheer and send our best of wishes to the people of India, and the leadership of Narendra Modi." 

Source:  The Economic Times



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